general contact

ISM Headoffice
Alter Schützenweg 7 – 9
33154 Paderborn-Verlar

Phone: +49 (0) 29 48 – 94 97 160
Fax: : +49 (0) 29 48 – 94 97 159

Please let us know what your specific requirements are. We are always at your service to discuss your queries or problems in a personal conversation. Send your email to this address:

or fill in the form for players, coaches/managers or sports club representatives at the bottom of the site. Please provide us with your email address or your postal address, so we will be able to answer your questions at your earliest convenience.
All information will be treated in strictest confidence. Once our experts have had the opportunity to look at your query, ISM will get back to you as soon as possible and will also contact the necessary parties (player/coach/manager or sports club representative) as per your request. We will not use any information without written consent from the player.