ISM has developed a concept that will allow investors to profit from the success of established players and young talent. We would like to offer investors the opportunity to successfully invest their money and at the same to help develop the player in question.

Our investment proposal is based on the following expert opinions, analysis and quality control:

  • We draft a certificate containing details of the players sporting and personal career
  • We disclose the players medical record
  • We provide extensive analysis reports of the players and clubs
  • We examine how viable it would be to invest in a specific player

The investor will reap the financial benefits of working together with ISM and promoting the players. Every investor will receive a contract that confirms he/she will receive a percentage of the income generated in connection with the player, i.e. the annual salary, transfer fees, peripheral income, commercial contracts, appearance money and winning bonus.
We would be very pleased to discuss our investor concept with you in more details and to analyze what would be the best investment opportunity for you.
We look forward to hearing from you.