For many years, ISM has specialised in looking after the requirements of leading players by providing the complete range of classic sports management services. It is our main ambition to make sure our players have the best and most professional environment to succeed in their sport. In order to achieve this goal, we make sure the player is not distracted and off the field, we secure his future and we also take their personal preferences into consideration when planning their career.
ISM service offerings includes:

Our services for players

  • We arrange contracts with the players preferred sports club
  • We make sure the player achieves financial security
  • We provide assistance with official paper work, for example obtaining residence permit, relocation, etc.
  • We provide professional legal advice by a lawyer specialized in sports
  • We provide professional advice on commercial, tax and insurance queries
  • We provide personal advice and continuous support to make sure the player at all times maintains his ultimate market value, and we provide strategic advice on the players future career prospects.
  • We arrange and negotiate promotion contracts

There are two clearly defined requirements for a player to excel in his sport at the highest level:

The player already has the required talent and ability to excel at his sport. He/She is prepared to improve him/herself continuously in order to achieve top-level performances.

The player can work in a professional and results oriented environment, so that he/she can produce his/her best performance, by making the most effective use of the available resources.

ISM will always endeavour to act in a way, so that the players best interest is the main focus. ISM prides itself on being hard, but fair when it comes to negotiations. ISM will consult with the player and will agree on a schedule of activities that is in the players best interest. Part and parcel of putting together an activities schedule is to maximize the potential of the player and turn this into a success oriented long term solution. Our players are always the priority. Working together with ISM will help the player to achieve his personal best performance and to even improve on this. We will also work together with the player to achieve his/her own goals within their career.